A lil’ about the Preschool, Children’s Gym and our program

Vista PreschoolAllison Gardner (Owner) – Miss Allison is the owner and director of Lil’ Busy Bodies Preschool and Children’s Gym. She has been teaching early childhood educational classes since 2000 in San Diego, Orange County and Phoenix.  She graduated San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Recreational Systems Management.  Allison went on to receive a certification from the State of California in Early Childhood Development and Education as a Master Teacher, Site Supervisor and Program Director.  She has started multiple Early Childhood Education programs, such as WeeStart Children Gym,  WeePlay and Lil Busy Bodies Preschool in Vista, CA.  Lil’ Busy Bodies Preschool and Children’s Gym has been in business for over 5 years serving the San Diego North County community’s early childhood education needs.


Lil’ Busy Bodies has two facilities located in Vista California.

Lil’ Busy Bodies Preschool
221 E. Broadway
Vista, CA 92084

Lil’ Busy Bodies Play Gym
208 E. Broadway
Vista, CA 92084

Lil’ Busy Bodies Classes

Mommy & Me (Baby Gym and Lil’ Learners)
Kinder Steps (Pre-k)


The Importance of Play

From age 0-2 a child’s brain will develop faster than any other time in their life.  By 5 years old their brain is 90% developed!

Play is how children learn, it’s their “job”.  Interactions with their environment, peers, parents and teachers shape their early educational experiences and provide a foundation for a lifetime love of learning.

At Lil’ Busy Bodies we strive to provide a positive hands-on environment where children are safe to explore and participate in their individual ways.  Each child brings something special and unique to the program and adds to our lil’ family of friends.