Vista PreschoolOur preschool program nurtures children’s academic growth within a playful setting. Our program offers a play based curriculum that stimulates their natural curiosity and active imagination as they explore new ideas and make new friends.

We believe that a child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development, as well as their independence, are fostered in an environment that is intentionally set up for children. At Lil’ Busy Bodies our classroom  includes a rich variety of developmentally appropriate and accessible materials that promote learning through play.

We respect the children’s desires and value that learning is most meaningful when it occurs in the context of the child’s everyday life experiences at home, within the community, and at school. It is important to implement an emergent curriculum based upon the interests of the students. We balance learning, play, and creation in a supportive nurturing environment.

Play centers such as blocks/building, dramatic play, reading areas, sensory play, art studio, and outdoor play space.  Our preschool programs run August through May.  Summer camp runs June and July

Activities During Preschool Classes

Explanation of activities

  1. Circle Time
  2. Free Play
  3. Small Group Activities
  4. Math
  5. Science
  6. Art
  7. Snack
  8. Gym
  9. Creative Movement
  10. Music

Program Hours

Preschool Prep 9:00-11:00 (2-3 years)

Preschool  Half Day 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m (2-5 years)

Preschool Full Day 9:00-3:00 (2-5 years)

Pre-K 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 (4-5 years)

Tuition Rates

Preschool Prep (transitional class) 2-3 years

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 1:00-3:00 $125/mo Friday 9:00-11:00 or 11:00-1:00 $125/month ***Class Full

Preschool Half Day  2.5-5 years

Monday, Wednesday (2 days) 9:00-1:00 – $310/month
Tuesday, Thursday (2 days)  9:00-1:00 – $310/month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 Days) 9:00-1:00 – $450/month Tuesday,Thursday, Friday (3 Days) 9:00-1:00- $450/month

Monday-Thursday (4Day) 9:00-1:00- $580/month

Monday-Friday (5Day) 9:00-1:00- $700/month

Preschool / Pre-K Full Day 4-5 years

Tuesday/Thursday (2 days) 9:00-3:00 – $460/month *you may add on extra half day preschool days if enrolled in Pre-K

*Class sizes are limited.  Make ups may only be done if space is available.  Family trips or holidays do not qualify for make-ups.